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The Team  

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Lynn Lipschitz

Managing Director

Lynn was born in South Africa and immigrated to Israel at a young age. Besides a short dabble in the financial world with international investments, she has always been involved in the tourist industry. A licensed travel agent, Lynn has a wealth of experience in the conference organization industry and opened Target Conferences in 1993.

Lynn is responsible for the conferences, financial planning, marketing and management thereof.


Elisheva Even-Chen

Managing Director - EEC Conferences and Events from the house of Target Conferences Ltd.

Elisheva studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where she completed her degree in Social Sciences and continued with a second degree in Sociology. Over the past 30 years Elisheva has passionately managed a large majority of the Israel Gynecological Conferences in Israel and abroad. With her amazing memory and knowledge she successfully plans and hosts over 50 events annually.


Iana Agapovichev 

Project Manager

Born in Russia and moved to Israel in 2020.

Iana joined us with over ten years experience of project management for events with up to 15,000 participants at a time. She thrives on pressure which totally suits us all at Target Conferences. During her free time she enjoys playing tennis. 

Iana lives in Haifa with her family and works out of the office in Tel Aviv most days and on occasion works from home instead.


Racheli Cachlon-Gueta

Senior Project Manager

Racheli, the mother of six, started in the conference organization industry in 2007 and since then has organized hundreds of successful events.

As the saying goes - if you want something done, give it to a busy person to do. No conference is too big or too small for Racheli. She enjoys 

her work so much and has an eye for detail ensuring that all of her events are smoothly orchestrated and enjoyable to everyone. 


Hilary Cohen 

Head Hostess

Hilary made aliya 11 years ago, originally from South Africa.  Having moved to Israel with a great passion for this country, she will go all the way to ensure that you experience a memorable and enjoyable visit in the Holy Land.  Past experience, both in South Africa and in Israel, includes various aspects of tourism & the hotel industry.  


Linda Friedman


After working at Target Conferences back in the nineties, Linda has returned home, and rejoined the team.

Linda's experience includes project management, sales and marketing of international conferences as well as tour operation. We all feel fortunate to have her with us, sharing her knowledge and expertise.

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Mika Gelfand

Assistant Project Manager

Mika came to Israel from the States in 2017. By working closley with the project managers, Mika plays a vital role in supporting projects and ensuring that every project will be a success. The ability to speak Hebrew and English fluently makes Mika a key player in communication with multiple companies and people.


Yunna Goldman

Assistant Project Manager

With her extensive experience in various industries, Yunna understands the unique demands and intricacies of different project types. 

Yunna plays a vital role in supporting the project manger with local events. The ability to multitask, prioritize, and adapt to changing circumstances makes Yunna a valuable asset in achieving project objectives.


Racheli Hazan-Zalk

Senior Project Manager

Racheli studied Visual Communication Design and continued with her artistic flair learning graphics, photography and home styling in her

spare time.

Racheli has been with Target Conferences since the year 2000 in the capacity of project manager, producing many successful conferences 

of various sizes. In addition she also serves as the Secretariat for a few medical associations annually. No job is too big or too small for 

Racheli who deals with each event diligently.

Like all of our Project Managers at Target Conferences, Racheli is also responsible for raising sponsorships, planning exhibitions and 

assisting in submitting tenders.

As a sideline and due to her passition for the position, she has also photographed and documented many of the company's conferences 

in Israel and abroad over the years.

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Bob Kazmer

Registration & Accommodation Manager

Bob is originally from the US and has worked at Target Conferences for many years.

His main responsibilites include managing registration and arrangements for groups and conferences in Israel and abroad.


Irina Kontorovich

Assistant Project Manager 

Born in the Ukraine, and has lived in Israel for 22 years. 

Irina is the Assistant Project Manager to Racheli Cachlong-Gueta, dealing mainly with gynecological conferences held in Israel. Irina is comfortable in English, Hebrew & Russian helping anyone and everyone in the office as soon as she has free time. Outside of the office she loves listening to music while cooking for her family.


Lilach Levy


Lilach has a degree in communications and political science from Bar Ilan University and a diploma in graphic design. Lilach joined the Target Conferences Team in 2001.

Lilach is our IT specialist who maintains our updated technology, both hardware and software and patiently debugs our computers and “de-stresses” our souls. She is responsible for getting our team and equipment safely to all our event destinations.


Tânia Moreno-Gidron

Brazil Branch Manager

Tânia was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. She resides in Rio de Janeiro, where she manages our local Brazilian Branch.
Tânia studied tourism and administration at the Ibero-Americana College in São Paulo and has many years experience in Israel and Brazil.
She is fluent in Portuguese, English and Hebrew.


Mariya Volodarsky

Manager, Accounts Department 

Maria was born in Nikolaev, near the Black Sea in the Ukraine. Maria immigrated to Israel at age 14 and on finishing school, joined the army and thereafter completed her studies.

Mariya is a qualified bookkeeper and ably manages Target Conferences accounts. She is fluent in Hebrew and Russian and speaks a good English.

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